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Make your clients happy by presenting a perfectly curated selection of images to them to choose from! Let Cole Curated! narrow down your images for you, and relieve you from the burden of culling.

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We go through your entire photo set with skillfully trained eyes and select only the best photos to present to you or your clients for a quick and easy photo selection process. We select based on your style and instructions.



Need your images retouched as well?
Have no fear, we got you covered. We have an excellent team of retouchers who will give your images that perfectly finished look that fits your style.

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Zach Thomas

Thank you again for culling my image set. I believe you did a wonderful job based on my description of what I was looking for. I would recommend you ten times over for any of my shoots. I def wish this was an option for some of my past 1000+ stills sessions. The turnaround was not only reasonable but quick and you communicated every step of the way.

Zach Thomas

Heather Hammer

Dana was super quick culling my client's images! She did a great job choosing a wide variety of poses. Overall it was nice to have someone else's set of eyes to do the work of culling! I'd definitely use this service again.

Heather Hammer

Ashley Riley

I absolutely abhor culling. I see others cull with ease + I am stuck at 100 plus images in hopes they just choose the gallery. Haha. I have heard all the tips to cull properly but I am nervous I will ex out the wrong one. Anywho thank you for the experience + it was lovely I might add. I provided 186 images for a cull down process of 70 images. I also provided the mood + intent of the gallery. The process itself took at least 15 minutes + my client made her selections with ease. Nothing overbearing about it at all. This definitely helps with the workflow because it is one thing less to do. I appreciate the help + I can add the price of this service within my packages. Overall I give 5 stars + I most certainly recommend this service for those who can't make a choice. Thank you Dana. I appreciate this soooo much!!

Ashley Riley


Wow! I’m lost for words on how smoothly this culling was. I over shoot and I’m so glad your services helped me choose and narrow down the images for my client so they could have a easier way to get the photos they wanted! I’m really lost for words!! Wonderful and amazing job. I recommend this service to my fellow over shooters!


Tosha Gaines

With Dana culling my photos, I had more time to focus on what I love the most: photography and curating my images. She made sure that the photos were delivered fast and provided a variety of options for my clients. If you dread culling through your images, you should definitely should use of Dana’s services! Thank you so much!

Tosha Gaines

Karene Isabell

Taking pictures and being intentional about them can be the easy part of photography. Narrowing down a session to a set number of images is the hard part. How do I convey the story of the day or of that moment truthfully and beautifully but succinctly? It’s difficult. Dana’s input made the difference for me. She not only selected the required number of images but she ordered them for me beautifully. She also provided me with the words to explain the story that was being told through the images. She listened to what I wanted to do and delivered a set that I am proud of. I’ve always know that another pair of eyes was nice but she confirmed it yet again. Thanks Dana!!

Karene Isabell

Dionne Harris

Shooting multiple times a week means several hours of editing, so I'm always looking for any opportunity to optimize and make my workflow more efficient. Using Dana's culling service saves me time to work on other things, and it's great to get a fresh (and highly skilled) set of eyes on my work to pick images.

Dionne Harris
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