About Us

about us

who we are

Cole Curated! started in 2021 to help photographers like you, ease up your workload and give you more time to enjoy yourself while working on your tasks. We understand how time consuming and stressful it is when sorting the good pictures from the others and this is why Cole Curated is available for you. Cole Curated was founded by Dana Cole, a professional photographer since 2005. Her passion for helping photographers triggers her to provide services that will ease your workload. We are based in Oslo, Norway but work remotely with photographers and creatives around the globe.

Why you need us:

You save time outsourcing for quality images.
You earn more money by saving your time to outsource.
Images have been reviewed and edited.
Deliver works to your clients faster
Clearer and distinct pictures.
You save storage spaces from unwanted images.

Our Mission statement

Helping photographers ease their workflows so they can focus on tasks they love to do.

Our core values

What uniquely stand out for us while aligning with you


Professionals are the producers of great images.

Simple Process.

Simplicity is creativity.


We’re never tired of delivering top-notch services any day.

Quick Turnaround

Providing you the best service in a quick and efficient timeframe.


You’re important to us and we care about you and you can always rely on us for your culling services.